Gift Baskets

Beer and wine gift basket

We offer a wide range of fantastic gift baskets

Baskets start at just $14.99 and vary in price according to their contents. We’re happy to work with you to build a basket to suit any taste. As you can see below, we’ve got some ideas of our own, but we’d love to hear yours too!

Wrapped gift basket

Individually wrapped these baskets make excellent gifts

  1. Non-alcoholic basket: selection of gourmet food, sparkling water and gourmet soda.
  2. Sweets Basket: Local chocolate, Virginia toffee peanuts and chocolate wine.
  3. French Basket: sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, mustard, crackers, cheese, French wine.
  4. Beginners Basket: wine key, aerator, vacuvin, drip stoppers, napkins, wine away stain remover, glasses, wine.
  5. Cocktail basket: olives; spicy pickled green beans; bitters; and vermouth, sherry, port, or sparkling wine.
  6. Beer Baskets: A selection of beers in a particular style, a shared hop, state or country of origin, or a survey of styles.