Is all boxed wine awful?
“Bag in box” wines have suffered from the stigma of large producers; you can get some excellent boxed wines, and you will save a lot of money doing it. Because bottles are more expensive to fill and transport (as well as being less ecologically sound) boxed wine can cost a fraction of the bottle price. Additionally, because the wine is protected from the air, the box can stay fresh for more than a month.

Are all screw cap wines awful?
Screw caps are known in the industry as “stelvin closures” and all they tell you is the wine in that bottle is ready to drink, not to cellar. They’re particularly popular with wineries in Australia, and one can find $600 bottles of shiraz sealed with a screw cap.

Can you really taste the difference between a 10$ and 50$ bottle?
Can you taste the difference between grandma’s blueberry pie and the one you got in the freezer section of the supermarket? That mass produced pie tastes pretty good, but grandma’s time, attention, and those fresh berries from the backyard really make a difference. Blind taste tests have demonstrated that even experts can be fooled on price, but usually the differences in intensity, balance and complexity are obvious, even to untrained palates.

Do you sell liquor?
No. www.abc.virginia.gov/wholereal.html

Do you sell Virginia wines?
Yes, but currently we predominantly carry local producers. Afton Mountain, Bluestone, Cave Ridge, Coopers, Cross Keys, Horton, Prince Michel, White Hall.

Do you stock NY & NC wines?

Do you carry Cider?
We stock LOCAL Bold Rock and Albermarle ciders, as well as selections from Crispin, Fox Barrel and Samuel Smith.

Do you carry Sake?
We stock a limited selection of Sake, and would be excited to stock more, if the demand suddenly appears.

Special orders?
We can special order cases of both wine and beer from the following distributors: Kysela, Roanoake Valley, Bravo, Virginia Eagle, Republic National, J.W. Seig, The Country Vintner, The Robins Cellars, Specialty Beverage

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