Holiday Wines Part Three

 Blue Bee Fanfare Cider

We are finishing up Cider Week here in Harrisonburg, and I thought there would be no better way than to start or Turkey Day prep with a lovely cider from Richmond, Virginia. Fanfare is a cider made with Pink Lady and Gold Rush apples and wild mulberries picked in Richmond.

Blue Bee says this cider is semi-sweet, though I suspect that for most it will be pretty dry. The aromatic profile is unique, reminiscent of lightly sour beers, such as berlinerweisse (think citrus notes). The cider has wonderful texture and minerality. A fantastic and unique drinking experience. I will be serving this one at my house this Thansgiving to start the dinner.

Domaine Manoir du Carra Beaujolais Villages Nouveau

Yesterday was Beaujolais Nouveau Day. It is historically the first chance to taste the current years vintage in the Northern Hemisphere (the bulk of the 2015’s from the Southern Hemisphere will be bottles between February and April and will hit the market mid-spring). These wines have developed a cult like following, and are enjoyed throughout the Americas with Thanksgiving- this is largely in part to the fact that they are released a week before Thanksgiving in America, and partly due to the fact that the wines are light and fairly high in acidity.

This particular offering from Domaine Manior du Carra is a villages level Beaujolais Nouveau. Big aromas of strawberry, blueberries. Light to medium body with great acidity.
Maison Ferraton Cote du Rhone Saomrens Red

This is a real treat. Maison Ferraton was established in 1948 and has been in the Ferraton family since then. In 2000 well known Northern Rhone master Michel Chapoutier came on to revamp the winery to make it 100% biodynamic. Ferraton was one of the tope names in the northern rhone before Chapoutier joined them.

The 2014 Cote du Rhone is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Cinsault. Like most of the Grenache based wines from the Rhone the fruit is destined and fermentation begins in cement vats. This preserves the minerality and terrior that Grenache can give. This wine is fruit forward with brambly black and dark red fruit aromas and flavors. Nice structure from firm and meaty tannins mean a medium body for a lovely drinking experience.